The production site

Aurangabad at a glance

A building block for a successful future: Audi has been building cars for the local Indian market in Aurangabad, in the State of Maharashtra, since 2007. The Skoda Auto India Private Limited (SAIPL) plant currently produces the Audi A3, the Audi A4, the Audi A6, the Audi Q3, the Audi Q5 and the Audi Q7.

In entering the market and building cars locally in India, Audi is making a long-term investment in one of the most promising car markets in the world. Besides producing the Audi A3, the Audi A4, the Audi A6, the Audi Q7, the Audi Q5 and the Audi Q3 for the Indian market, Audi also imports further models such as the Audi TT, Audi S4, Audi RS 5, Audi S6, Audi A7 Sportback, Audi RS 7 Sportback, Audi A8, Audi R8 and Audi R8 Spyder.

Production – expertise from Neckarsulm

The small-scale production operations for the Audi R8 supercar at the Neckarsulm plant serve as the model for the production concept in Aurangabad. There, Audi holds training courses to prepare its Indian employees for the demanding assembly tasks they will need to carry out in Aurangabad. The Audi A6, for example, is assembled from around 2,500 parts in eight work cycles lasting 45 minutes each. Production takes place on two separate assembly lines. The painted bodies, the engines and the preassembled parts such as the front seats are all shipped from Germany. The parts preassembled at the Indian plant include the cockpit, front end, doors, pedals, rear axle and centre console.

Logistics – a long journey

Prior to being assembled at Aurangabad, the individual parts have already made a long journey: they are first transferred by rail freight in containers to the sea ports Hamburg and Bremerhaven. From there, they go by ship via the Mediterranean route and through the Suez Canal to Nhava Sheva port in Mumbai. The final 480 kilometres from Mumbai to Aurangabad are by truck.

Sales & marketing – a growing presence

Audi has had its own sales subsidiary based in Mumbai since early 2007, to control all Indian market activities. Audi’s presence on the Indian market is growing especially thanks to the systematic development and expansion of the sales and dealer structure. There are already 25 exclusive Audi dealers (as at March 2013).