The Audi A5 Cabriolet.

Consistently efficient.

Vorsprung durch Technik is the claim to which the Audi brand is committed. Not only where sportiness is concerned. But in terms of future-oriented mobility as well. Audi consistently implements various efficiency measures in an overall concept. As a developer of numerous innovations, Audi has had a long-lasting effect on the automotive industry.

Driver information system with efficiency program

The display of the driver information system brings together a wide range of individual displays in the centre of the driving area and permanently indicates the vehicle's current operating status. The integrated efficiency program also provides the driver with an overview of consumption data, the displays for auxiliary consumers, and fuel-saving suggestions for ultra-economical driving.


S tronic

The S tronic transmission combines the low fuel consumption of a manual transmission with the benefits of an automatic. The control ensures fast and consumption-reducing gear shifting in automatic mode. The very large transmission-ratio spread of the S tronic allows the last gears to be used at very low engine speeds.



Increasing the generator voltage converts kinetic energy into usable electrical energy when the vehicle is coasting or braking. When the vehicle accelerates again, the battery supplies the stored energy back into the vehicle network, taking the pressure off the alternator and thus helping to save fuel.