Driver assistant systems

The Audi Q7

Rear cross traffic assist

If the parking system is enabled, the rear cross traffic assist uses the rear radar sensors to warn the driver of other vehicles detected as critical threats. The system works while reversing slowly, for example when pulling out of a perpendicular parking spot in front. The warning occurs in graduated form – visually on the MMI monitor, then acoustically and, if necessary, with a jolt.

Exit warning

The exit warning comes into play once the large SUV has stopped. Should vehicles or bicycles now approach from behind, the system warns the driver and all passengers when they start opening a door. The system uses the LED light guides of the light package in the doors – in a situation identified as hazardous, special high-power LEDs flicker and light up red. The exit warning remains in readiness for about three minutes after the ignition is switched off.

Traffic jam assist

In the speed range of 0 to 65 km/h the traffic jam assist can take over steering the vehicle whilst on well-paved roads, as long as the traffic is moving slowly. The system uses the radar sensors and the video camera.
It guides the car through gentle steering interventions and follows the preceding convoy of vehicles within the system limits. The traffic jam assist orientates itself by the lane markings and the other vehicles on the road.

Pre sense city

At speeds up to 85 km/h Audi pre sense city observes the road with respect to other road users (e.g. vehicles and pedestrians). For this purpose, it uses the standard-equipped front camera on the windshield, which can capture events up to a distance of about 100 meters. On threat of a collision, it warns the driver according to a 3 step intensity system (warning, warning jolt and automatic emergency braking); if necessary, it initiates full deceleration.

At speeds up to 40 km/h accidents can be avoided completely within the system limits. At higher speeds (up to 85 km/h), warnings and brake intervention can reduce the impact velocity.

If the collision is inevitable, the multicollision brake assist system uses controlled braking maneuvers during the accident to aid the driver. This can help to prevent the car from skidding and thus additional collisions. If necessary, Audi pre sense city implements the same protective measures as Audi pre sense basic.

Park assist

The park assist system automatically steers the Q7 into parallel and perpendicular parking spots and seamlessly pulls out of parallel parking spots by means of twelve ultrasonic sensors. The package also includes 360 degree cameras. They display different views of the car’s immediate surroundings on the MMI monitor, including a virtual birds eye view and 180-degree images of the front and rear. Such views are very helpful with confusingly arranged exits, and operate in combination with the cross-traffic assist rear sensors.

Trailer assistant

If the Audi Q7 is serving as a towing vehicle, the driver can enable the trailer manoeuvre assist when reversing. After activating the assist, the driver need only shift into reverse and cautiously accelerate.
The driver can then continuously vary the angle of reverse motion by means of the rotary/push-button control in the MMI. For traveling straight ahead, the driver taps once on the control. The picture from the rear view camera on the MMI monitor contains auxiliary lines as a guide.

The trailer maneuver assist turns the steering wheel and directs the trailer onto the selected course in a stable fashion, so that the driver can steer the entire car/trailer combination by means of the rotary/push-button control of the MMI.