Audi Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions.

Supplementary warranty cover extending beyond Audi’s new vehicle warranty.
The Extended Warranty commences directly after the expiry of new vehicle warranty. The warranty cover provided under the terms of the Audi Extended Warranty is equal to that of the manufacturer’s warranty provided by Audi.
The body corrosion warranty still stands at 12 Years / unlimited mileage and the lithium-ion battery warranty for Battery Electric vehicles stands at 8 Years / 160,000 km’s warranty.
Repairs covered under the extended warranty are free of charge. Your Audi partner will repair the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
The Audi Extended Warranty starts from the expiry of manufacturer’s warranty for two additional years for either a maximum 150,000km, whichever occurs first or can be extended up to an unlimited mileage, depending on the selected coverage.
All regular services must be performed in line with manufacturer’s specifications throughout the term of the Extended Warranty. Failure to comply will invalidate this Extended Warranty. This shall not apply if the customers are able to prove that the improper regular servicing was not the cause of the warranty claim.
The Extended warranty is linked with the VIN so future customers can also benefit from the selected coverage.
The following apply to the assignment of rights in respect of this Audi Extended Warranty: A - Claims arising from this Audi Extended Warranty can only be made at authorized Audi service partners. B - Vehicle must be maintained as per manufacturer’s standards. C - The parts replaced become the property of manufacturer. D - If the vehicle is not drivable as a result of a defect that is covered under the terms of the Extended Warranty, the warranty holder must contact the nearest available authorized service centre.

What is not covered:

The Audi extended warranty shall not cover any incidental expenses as a result of the vehicle being repaired. Such expenses may include, but are not limited to the following:

• Accommodation
• Alternative transportation costs
• Car Rental costs
• Travel or business loss
• Towing Charges
• Telephone Charges
• Loss of value of the vehicle, lost profits or earnings.
• Out-of-pocket expenses for substitute transportation or lodging.

Natural Disasters & other external factors are not covered, such as:

• Damage caused by direct effects of storm, hail, lightning, earthquake, floods, fire or explosions.
• Damage caused by external factors including but not limited to, chewing or destruction by animals or vermin.
• Damage caused by airborne industrial pollutants (e.g. acid rain), bird droppings, stones, floodwater, wind- storms, tree sap or other similar occurrences.


Tires are not covered by this warranty, but are separately warranted by the tire manufacturer. Verify with the tire manufacturer what is covered under their warranty.

Starter Battery

This Audi extended warranty does not cover:

• Damage or malfunction to engine battery resulting from failure to maintain a proper level of charge through regular use, or resulting from improper storage or failure to properly maintain sufficient battery voltage charge.
• Damage or malfunction to engine battery resulting from outside influence, lack of proper care or improper use.
• Damage or malfunction to engine battery resulting from over boosting or overcharge.

Alterations & Modifications

Alterations, Modifications and tampering of any component shall not be covered under this warranty.

Noise, vibration, cosmetic conditions, and deterioration

This Audi extended warranty does not cover the replacement of components resulting from normal wear and tear, and it does not cover noise, vibration, or cosmetic conditions (unless the noise, vibration, or cosmetic condition was caused by a defect in manufacturer’s materials or workmanship).

Damage or malfunctions due to lack of maintenance

This Audi extended warranty does not cover damage, malfunctions, or symptoms resulting from the failure to follow recommended maintenance and use requirements as set forth in the Audi Owner‘s Manual.
Your Audi partner will deny warranty coverage unless you present proof that the prescribed maintenance had been performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance standards.


This Audi extended warranty only covers defects in the manufacturer’s material or workmanship and excludes damages caused as a result of external influences.