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Environment & driving tips

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Protect the environment and your wallet

Acting responsibly - As a car manufacturer, Audi is well aware of its responsibility towards people and the environment and ready to adopt it consistently: from the environmentally friendly processes in production to a wide range of recycling methods in processing to the development of alternative drive concepts.

How to positively influence your energy consumption

Each individual can make a conscious contribution to the responsible use of resources and the environment through conscious driving. In general, the simple equation applies: the less fuel that is burned, the less exhaust gas is produced. But more conscious driving not only helps the environment, but also relieves the wallet. In this sense, Audi has developed this small environmental guide, which should make it easier for every driver to drive with foresight - ecologically and economically at the same time!

- Avoid idling the engine
- Rapid acceleration and early upshift have a positive effect on energy consumption - Get off the accelerator
as soon as traffic slows down
- Reduce rolling resistance by regularly checking tire inflation pressure
- Improve aerodynamics: for example, remove unused luggage carriers
- Keep city traffic down to a low speed
- Avoid unnecessary traffic in city traffic
- Turn on electrical consumers Out of your car as soon as you do not need it anymore
- an on-board computer is also very helpful for controlling the profitability of your vehicle