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e-tron solutions

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Public charging.

Whether it is the freedom to be able to drive even very long distances with the electric car or the flexibility to be able to load in between, if you are taking a break anyway. Or maybe it's just an alternative if you do not have your own charging at home. Whatever matters to you personally, in all three cases the public charging infrastructure is crucial.

More than 70,000 public charging points: e-tron charging service¹

The e-tron charging service¹ offers you an access to one of the biggest public charging points in Europe. This will allow you to load well over 70,000 public charging points in 22 European countries by early 2019. In addition, new charging stations are constantly being integrated. Through e-roaming, cross-border charging in these 22 countries is possible with a single contract - for example, on vacation or business trips. Uniform and transparent tariffs per country enable a simple and carefree transition to electromobility.

Mode-3 charger cable

Audi provides a Mode 3 cable for AC charging stations without a permanently attached charging cable. This supports the car's AC charging power as standard with 11 kW².
¹ Access and Network: The e-tron Charging Service is expected to be available in the last quarter of 2018. The number of accessible charging points is being continuously developed.

The e-tron Charging Service can only be used by Audi e-tron customers (a vehicle identification number is required). Europe-wide access: At launch, the e-tron Charging Service will be available in 16 European countries, with an offer for other countries in the pipeline. Prices of the e-tron Charging Service are country-specific. The number of charging points offered is country-specific and depends on the level of expansion of the available infrastructure. There is no claim to be able to access every point of loading in a country. Audi AG does not guarantee the operation and availability of the charging infrastructure. The location information about the number of charging points is updated regularly, but there is no claim to completeness. The e-tron Charging Service loyalty card can only be used 24 hours after card activation across the network. Within the first 24 hours, the card may be used with local restrictions. Authentication via myAudi App (QR Code on the charging point) requires an active radio and Internet connection. This authentication method is not available at all charging points.
² The charging capacity depends on the type of main connector used, the country-specific voltage, the number of phases available in the power network and the customer's specific home installation. It can therefore be lower in individual cases. The option for increased AC charging power will be available at a later date. Your Audi partner will inform you about the exact deployment date.