• S7

    Elegant appearance, dynamic power development, high-quality interior – the Audi S7 Sportback carries conviction with its external and internal qualities. Also experience the latest technology for assisted driving and infotainment with our sporty coupé.

  • RS 7
    RS 7

    Wild and untamed or poised and athletic? With the Audi RS 7 Sportback, you can have both. Coupé-like elegant design lines in tango red meet the brute force of the V8 TFSI engine. Experience the fascination of not having to compromise.

  • RS Q8
    RS Q8

    The Audi RS Q8 features a progressive design, a powerful engine, quattro permanent all-wheel drive and plenty of comfort for all occupants.


Strong parts
Tested in the toughest conditions

Providing the quality and longevity you need to get to your destinations stress-free are the focus of every single Audi Genuine Part. In various processes, all the components of your Audi are subjected to demanding tests, such as the INCA test. This has nothing to do with the indigenous people of South America. The abbreviation stands for one of the toughest tests that an Audi has to go through: the Ingolstadt corrosion and ageing test.

Audi invented the INCA test, which sends all models through sun, mud and gravel, almost 40 years ago. Each Audi has to complete five test phases: the models are sprayed with salt water in a climate chamber at over 35 degrees and then subjected to humid heat - up to 50 degrees at 100% humidity. In the third phase, artificial light simulates the relentless sun of the Sahara, heating the vehicle up to almost 90 degrees. Then comes the big freeze: At minus 35 degrees, the vehicle is shaken around on the test bed to recreate the loads and stresses of poor quality roads.

The final phase takes place time and again between the other tests in the outdoor testing area: test drivers blast the vehicles over gravel tracks, through pools of mud and salt water, day after day, week after week. After 19 weeks, the vehicles are dismantled into their individual parts and the search for areas of weakness begins. This involves focusing on the question: how have the seals, gaskets, weld seams, engine and electronics coped with the torture of the INCA test?

The experts at Audi are constantly developing the programme further and adapting the individual tests to the ever increasing demands. All this with one aim: your satisfaction with every single part of your Audi.
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